Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Words and Pictures

A month ago we were in France. This was our second Go Ahead Tour and we had a truly memorable time.

As I did with our 2012 tour to northern Italy, I wrote a travelogue (travelblog?) of our trip on my other blog space. I included galleries of most of the photos we took, including photos of the memorable foods we ate. This was, after all, a food and wine tour.

Go Ahead features a regular blog on their site, including photos posted by travelers and Go Ahead staff members. I sent the link for my blog to the editor of that blog, who asked me to submit a food photo and a non-food photo from each destination along the route for publication on their blog.

I emailed my submissions today, and am anxiously awaiting seeing my photos in pixels on Go Ahead's site.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Calm After the Storm

I'm sitting on the back porch after this afternoon's rainstorm, finishing a glass of a lovely Sauvignon blanc that was a gift from Saturday night's dinner guests. (This was the coolest bottle of wine. It had a glass stopper rather than a cork. I think I'll start using it as a carafe d'eau on the dinner table.)

As I watch the chipmunks chasing each other around the yard and the robins searching for worms, I'm reminded of the last two times I watered my hosta bed while waiting for this storm system to come our way.

No sooner had I stretched out the hose and started the sprayer than a robin hopped onto the lawn about 10 feet away from me, waiting for the worms to surface.

Who knew birds understood cause-and-effect? I sure didn't!

I guess "birdbrain" is no longer a slur.

(As I was typing this post, two chipmunks went tearing across the porch and ran up the wall behind me. I think I startled them as much as they startled me!)