Thursday, July 11, 2013

The End to a Summer's Day

We spend the 4th of July week every summer at Madison Shores on Lake Erie. We share an old cottage with another couple. I bring DGS and DGD up for a couple of days. They dig rivulets and swim and play with whatever other kids are around while they're there. The best part of the day for the grownups, however, is the sunset. About half an hour before sunset, we all drag our lawn chairs down under the big tree by the shore. We each have an adult beverage-of-choice in a can or plastic glass. And we sit, discussing every manner of topic, as we watch the sun sink into the horizon and then wait for the inevitable "bounce" that follows. This year the weather wasn't so nice for our week at the lake. Northeast Ohio has been receiving lots and lots of rain this summer. But the sunset on Sunday evening made up for the nasty weather we would endure the rest of the week. This was my fourth summer vacation at the lake, and the sunset was truly the finest I've seen since moving to Ohio. (You would have to experience sunsets in Tucson to understand that qualification.) Here, for your viewing pleasure, in a sort of sunset timelapse, are a few of the images we enjoyed on June 30, 2013.